Commissioning (Cx)

Our commissioning efforts typically include involvement across all project phases — design, construction and startup. By participating actively throughout the life of a project as a strong owner-advocate, our commissioning professionals contribute to the project’s success and serve as a conduit of communication and problem-solving among all parties.

Commissioning is a systematic process of verifying and documenting that your facility and all of its systems and assemblies are planned, designed, installed, tested, operated and maintained to your project requirements. Our goal is to turn over a building that delivers, or exceeds, the performance and energy savings promised by its design.

Ideally the commissioning process begins before the design phase, continues into the warranty period for a minimum of one year after construction, and prepares your operations personnel to take on the job. Our commissioning services can be provided independently or bundled with our full spectrum of planning, design and construction services.


Re-Commissioning is a methodical process of testing an existing facility’s systems and equipment to make sure they are still functioning according to the original design intent or to make adjustments to correct any deviation from the original design. This process also checks for any inefficiencies that could be improved. ReCommissioning is often necessary to perform within 5-7 years of construction completion. Even buildings that were thoroughly commissioned at the time of the original design can develop issues over time. 

The mechanical, electrical, and controls systems in any commercial building often experience changes in operation and occupancy which comprise performance. Even seemingly small issues can have a ripple effect, largely affecting the overall operations of your facility. No matter where the issues lie, through a complete review of your building, our Commissioning team can uncover the problems and offer recommendations for correction.

RetroCommissioning (RCx)

Retrocommissioning is a systematic process to improve an existing building’s performance. Using a whole-building systems approach, retrocommissioning seeks to identify operational improvements that will increase occupant comfort and save energy. The process can be performed alone or with a retrofit project.

Retrocommissioning consists of four phases. In the planning phase, the building systems to be analyzed are identified. The next phase determines how those systems are supposed to operate, and a prioritized list of operating deficiencies is prepared. During the implementation phase, the highest priority deficiencies are corrected and proper operation is verified. In the hand-off phase, improvements are reported and facilities executives are shown how to sustain proper operation.