Project Management Consultancy

The ability to deliver projects on schedule, on budget, and aligned with business goals is key to gaining an edge in today’s highly competitive global business environment. This is where project managers come in. 

Project managers have an incredibly complex assignment, one that blends organizational skills, an analytical mind, and adept interpersonal abilities.

In this section, we’ll walk you through the basics of project management and what it means to be a project manager.

What Is Project Management Consultancy?

A consultancy is a professional person or business practice that provides expert advice to others. A project management consultancy provides expert project management advice to external businesses. A company may hire a project management consultancy if it lacks project management expertise. Or if it wants project management advice from an external, impartial party.

Benefits of project management

The main advantage of project management is that is helps you to manage your projects effectively, enabling you to resolve problems more quickly. It takes time and money to manage a project, however following good practices can help you:

  • improve your chances of achieving the desired result
  • gain a fresh perspective on your project, and how it fits with your business strategy
  • prioritise your business’ resources and ensure their efficient use
  • set the scope, schedule and budget accurately from the start
  • stay on schedule and keep costs and resources to budget
  • improve productivity and quality of work
  • encourage consistent communications amongst staff, suppliers and clients
  • satisfy the various needs of the project’s stakeholders
  • mitigate risks of a project failing
  • increase customer satisfaction
  • gain a competitive advantage and boost your bottom line